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Outrigger - $3200

30”W x 80”L x 19”T

Verde butterfly stone flush fit with a Doug-Fir laminated beam, mounted on polished 1 1/2” copper. The natural edge accentuates the polished and sealed surface of the stone, and the wood is finished with a hand-rubbed oil sealer, while the copper is left to take on a natural patina.

Pinedale S/A - $1800

Brushed steel, oil rubbed frame and legs carry an open-panel wood door and 1/4" plate glass. The original wood panels were removed and the frame opening wrapped with purple heart. All wood components are also oil rubbed.

A commissioned piece - NOT FOR SALE

Old School - $3100.00 - 38% OFF

35"W x 80"L x 31"H

A reclaimed 15-panel entry door with western Wyoming cut limestone replacing the original glass. Eight of the limestone panels are embedded with 50 million year old fossilized fish. The mortised deadbolt hole now has a polished cross-section of stone drill core sample from the same area, brought up from a 270 million year old formation. 2" dia. soldered copper form the legs of this dining table; 2" x 2" fir frames the glass top with dovetail corners.

Brazilian Granite and Steel - $1900.00 - 50% OFF

16"W x 82"L x 20"H

1/4" inch plate glass covers the stone and fir sidelight frame with cherry and brass rod accent. Oil-rubbed angle steel frames the top, and bent steel tubing forms the base of this coffee table.

Floating Copper and Glass - $3580.00 - 36% OFF

15"W x 86"L x 19"H

1/2" inch plate glass top floats above a fir sidelight frame. The center is cherry wood framing three copper tubes. Legs and top frame are soldered 1-1/4" inch copper tubing.

Susan's Table

20"W x 82"L x 19"H

Alder frames a 6-panel reclaimed door with open mortise and tenon corners and black walnut accents. 1/4" inch glass top and copper tubing legs.

Gallery model - NOT FOR SALE